Episode 2

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Episode 2

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News Stories

  • UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files :


  • Quick discussion on the Evil Maid :


  • ENISA launches Cloud Security Risk Assessment Report :


  • T-Mobile staff sold personal data :


  • UK Information Commisioners office gets served a FOI (Freedom of Information) request by Software AG and reveals 356 data loss incidents voluntarily reported by UK organisations:


Special Guest

Wim ruined our first try to do an interview with Didier Stevens and luckily Didier agreed to free up some of his time to give it a second try. With redundant audio recordings, we managed to nail this one down.

Didier is a security researcher from Belgium with a special interest in Adobe's PDF file format. He has discovered several flaws in the format and has some interesting views on information security in general.




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