Episode 27

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Episode 27

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This month we talked to DigiNinja aka Robin Wood on his current Pipal, Password Analyser project and all things password related. We also talk about his recent completion of the CREST exam.

M.I.A Mr Wim 'I have a new toy' Remes

Our Guests

DigiNinja is a senior security engineer based in the UK who recently obtain is CREST certification. Other projects of his include you may recognise are CeWL and the Metasploit DNS and DHCP Exhaustion.



Metasploit DNS and DHCP Exhaustion

News Stories

KPN Gemnet subsidiary certificate authority breach due to poor password.

It's not the first time, as another server was discovered to have DDoS on it.

French worst than China and Russia for cyber espionage

French presidential place caught downloading copyright material

UK met police issue rape warnings via WIFI

Cock of the month award.. Hungryian man hacks Marriot hotel and then demands a job.

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