Episode 36

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Episode 36

The Eurotrash Crew are back with another action packed adventure as they seek the lesser spotted Wim Remes, will he appear on this special edition or will the Eurotrash crew continue blindly looking for their lost friend in the jungle of Information Security, tune in and find out!

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Our Guest

Our special guest this month are the Crew from Offensive Security.. Muts, Jim"Elwood" O'Gorman and Dr Matteo Memelli talking about their training course and some insight into the up and coming Kali, Backtrack 6. Also, if your a Welsh listener they may require your help.


News Stories

Twitter hacker, 250,000 accounts personal data leaked.

Barracuda Backdoor

Asteroids on US DoJ Website

Remote access on Broadcom

Kim Dotcom challenge


If you want to submit a news story we now have a reddit page!! :) Vote for stories you like us to comment or even leave your own comment. Please remember if you submit a story, no story is safe from the very politically correct views of Wicked Clown!!

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