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€uroTr@sh: Information Security Podcast


Our New Home

We are in the process of moving home to our new shiney multimedia web 3.0 solution at the moment… you can see some of that by visiting our Soundcloud page at where you'll find most of our older episodes for your downloading/listening pleaseure…

Those who have subscribed to the Eurotrashsec XML feed will notice that you've been automagically moved to the new Soundcloud feed using stealth and guile... New episodes with magically wing their way to you via the power of the tubes!



Welcome to the Eurotrash Security Podcast homepage. What we are trying to do here is quite simple. Most podcasts in the Information Security realm are US-focused. While we love and continue to listen to these, we thought something was missing: a EU-focused Information Security Podcast. And this is our attempt to provide you with one. Easy? Not at all. Podcasting is hard, no doubt about that, and we will probably suck for some dozen episodes to come. But we believe that we will get there, just bear with us ...

What can you expect from us?

We will start with a monthly podcast, featuring (European) guests from the Infosec community. We aim at providing a technically inclined podcast that will provide both offensive and defensive topics and hopefully some pretty good discussions on a plethora of subjects.

Previous Guests

  • James Lynn
  • Thomas Fischer
  • Offensive-Security Crew
  • Abraham Aranguren
  • Marc Wickenden
  • Robin Wood
  • Marisa Fagen
  • Haroon Meer
  • Matt Summers
  • Leon van der Eijk
  • Xavier Mertens
  • Ivan Ristic
  • Didier Stevens
  • Ewout Meij
  • Chris Nickerson and Ryan Jones (Exotic Liability)
  • Justin Clarke
  • Dafydd Stuttard (Portswigger)
  • Sandro Gauci
  • Jayson E Street


We value your feedback. Do you want to tell us how much we suck or you want Chris to stop putting images of himself in leather strapped to a hotel bed in your head, let us know ! Any suggestions how we can improve the podcast are very welcome too! E-mail, Twitter, ... come find us, we'll talk.


Eurotrashsec Reddit


The Goods

The Eurotrash Security Podcast is now availably delivered straight to your door through iTunes or your favourite podcast software XML

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