Episode 28

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Episode 28

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The month we have a very special guest who was able to take time out of his busy schedule Mr Wim Remes covering topics including CISSP and BruCON

M.I.A Mr Wim 'Living life in the fast lane' Remes

Our Guests

Mr Remes recently became a director at (ISC)2 and one of the main organisers of BruCON. On some occasion in his hectic lifestyle he also co-host a little known podcast which has been nominated 2012 best security podcast.. Eurotrash Security!

News Stories

Windows 7 x64, simple iframe in Safari kills causes BSOD

UK NHS fined £375,000 after a subcontractor sells harddrives on ebay which they was meant to destroy

German federal police computer hacked after coppers daughter friend find spyware on her machine and hacks back.

First EU report on maritime cyber security

Cock of the month contender - Ankit Fedia, who put a challenge out to hack his website as he claims to be the worlds best security expert!


BruCON *http://2012.brucon.org September 26th - 27th in Ghent

Bsides London *http://www.securitybsides.org.uk/ April 25th at The Barbican

44Con *http://www.44con.com/ September 5th - 7th in London

Oh, didn't we mention we have been nominated 2012 best security podcast.